Meet Darla

Web Developer and Owner of Darla Digital


Who I Am

Hi there! I am Darla Maestas! I was born in 1998, Jacksonville, Florida to Amelia and Anthony Maestas. My parents, my sister Megan, and I spent most of our lives in Colorado. There, I met my boyfriend and partner River in 2017.

In October of 2020, River, his father Kevin, and I bought our 16 acre farm in Dunnsville, Virginia. Here, we have got chickens, sheep, dogs, bunnies, and all!

Although I live a country life, I stay emersed in the progressive and digital world. I take college courses at Drexel University, teach coding to kids, and develop/design websites. For fun, I also sing and play instruments.

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Maestas and James Family
Darla Maestas Family
Darla Maestas Family
Free range chickens
River James
Carolina Dog
White German Shepard
Silver German Shepard

My Experience

For two years, I have used my knowledge from Drexel University to create dozens of websites for accredited companies throughout the world. A majority of my advanced work was accomplished through Impressa Solutions, and their clients. There, I am the lead Web Developer.

I also manage social media accounts and help establish branding for a few small buisnesses.