Photo of Darla Maestas


My name is Darla Maestas. I am twenty-three years old and I was born in Jacksonville, Florida to Amelia and Anthony. After my parents retired from the Navy, we moved to Evergreen, Colorado. In our small mountain town, there was not much to do, especially when it got cold. So, you had to be creative. I spent most of my childhood trying new artistic outlets like singing, painting, designing, & even dancing alongside my sister Megan.

In my young adulthood, I decided to learn more about computer science while getting a college degree, and that is where I found the love for designing and developing websites. It is the perfect creative outlet and it brings me nostalgic joy. Hence why my website is themed by clouds & mountains. It reminds me of the winter storms in Colorado.

I spend most of my life in Colorado, but I started moving around to different states in America for different job opportunities with my boyfriend River in 2019. We lost & gained fluffy companions on the way. We lost our cat Sylvia, but then we gained our best friend & dog, Bruno. We moved back home and lived with my boyfriend' s dad Kevin to be closer to family. But shortly after came COVID-19 pandemic. River,  Kevin, and I realized that life is too short to be stuck in a small mountain town that we couldn't grow in. So, we decided to settle down, and in October of 2020, we bought our 16 acre estate in Dunnsville, Virginia. Here, I take college courses online, teach coding to kids, and develop and design websites.


As of 2021, I am a Junior at Drexel University, where I am working towards getting my Bachelor's in Computing & Security Technology with a master's in Cyber Security. Throughout my courses, I gained an appreciation and a skill for developing websites. Therefore, in 2021 I decided to expand my skills and I became a certified HTML, CSS, JavaScript Web Developer.


In 2020, I developed and managed the website and marketing for a small business in Tappahannock, VA called Tappahannock Tours. It led me down the rabbit hole of learning front-end developing. So while I worked with companies like East End Orthodontics & Faber Orthodontics I maintained/updated their websites, as well as social media.