Establishing Your Brand

You just created a product and you are ready to start your business. But what happens now? Well, the start to every business is establishing your brand. Establishing a brand is the act of assigning a specific design or symbol to a firm in order to promote its goods and services. Because of the total impact it has on your organization, branding is vitally essential. Branding has the power to transform people's perceptions of your company, drive new business, and raise brand value – but it can also have the opposite effect if done incorrectly or not at all.

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Four Steps to Establishing a Brand

Target Audience

The first step is to determine your target audience. Your target audience is who is most likely to buy your product. To accomplish this, I first start out by finding out current trends regarding your type of product or service. To do this, I look sales statistics and data in your expandable area from similar businesses that sell similar products.

Position Your Business

The next step is to position your business and products in comparison to your competition. To do this, I gather as much data as I can about their products, prices, markets, and even their marketing strategies. We will use this information to determine how to make you stand out against the competition.

Define Company Personality

The third step is to define your brand's personality. Now, this requires a lot of creativity on both sides. The best way to do this is to think of your company, more specifically your brand,  as if it were a person.  For example, maybe if you are selling homemade candles, you can think of your brand as a calm, gentle person.

Colors that exude a calm feeling, according to color psychology, include pastel blue & greens. This is just a small example of what we could implement. I have a good understanding of color theory as well as typology to exude the feeling and personality you want your brand to represent.

For example, for my website, I used mainly blue because in color theory, cool colors are identified with serenity which matches my theme of being high in the mountains and clouds in the winters of Colorado. But, it also represents integrity and intelligence. Both characteristics are required to properly develop and design websites. I also used whites & greys to balance out my color scheme.

Logo & Slogan

Finally, the last step is to choose a logo and/or a slogan. A slogan would be a short and catchy phrase that will help customers remember you, and possibly intrigue them to further explore your product/service. You may have seen certain examples of this, like "Just Do It" for Nike, or "Taste the Rainbow" for Skittles.

A logo is a similar concept, but instead of text, it is a small image that will convey the personality of a brand. Examples of this include the famous M logo for McDonalds, or the apple to represent Apple products. With the accumulated knowledge of your business, your logo and slogan will represent your brand and grab the attention of your customers. Below are examples of logos I have made.