What to Expect


We start with a consultation appointment at a location of your choosing or on Zoom

We will discuss different options you have in terms of products and pricing

Content Creation

The time it takes to create your content will differ based on the products you want.

All content will be licensed to you and will fit your branding


Pricing varies based on complexity

Final price is determined at consultation, but you will get an idea based on the projects listed below

Responsive Icon
All products are responsive to any device that can run HTML5. (TV's, Smart Phones, Desktops, Laptops, etc.)
Search Icon
Search Ranking
Will implement every tool I can to get your website closer to front page of related search results
Customization Icon
Custom made to your liking in terms of style, color, and presentation. Will represent you and your brand and make you stand out against competitors
Code Icon
Optimized Code
Coding that is used to create the website will perform at its best and be easy to read for developers who may look at it in the future.
Animation Icon
Animations will be added to elevate your website to fit today's trends.
Training Icon
Training for you and your staff will be provided so that you know how to navigate your new website.

Single Page Websites

eCommerce Website Example
ex. eCommerce
Brochure website example
ex. Brochure
Landing page example
ex. Landing Page
Click on an image for video preview of these examples

Est. Cost

Typically range from $100-$650 depending on the complexity.

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Not only do these Single Page sites have an effective design, but they are also the most affordable option for those who need a website on a budget. The Navigation bar at the top redirects users to different sections of the same page. Below are examples of websites I can create with the Single Page method.

Multi-Page websites are a pinacol product for a brand with an established reputation with lots of information to share.

This webpage is the best example of the extent of multi-page sites that I create. Although they can be used for any business, they are also the most time and cost consuming option. Below are examples of websites that I would require to be multipage.

  • Extensive Portfolio - This website would be considered an extensive portfolio.
  • Extensive eCommerce - Used for businesses or individuals that sell 7 or more products
  • Extensive Services - Used for businesses that provide more than one service, like medical businesses
  • Any site that requires more than one page.

Multi-Page Websites

Multipage website example (Darla Digital)
Darla Digital Multi-Page Website

Est. Cost

Typically range from $700-$5000 based on the complexity of the jobGet Your Quote

Updating & Maintaining Websites

Another Update & Maintain photo
Darla Digital Multi-Page Website

Est. Cost

Can range from $17-$3000 based on the complexity of the jobGet Your Quote

Technology is constantly evolving. This includes the style and the performances of websites. An outdated website can be looked upon negatively in this day in age. That is why one of my main services is to update websites.

I also maintain the websites for companies I have previously serviced. When they have a business that is evolving and growing, they need their website to represent those changes.

The time and effort regarding updating can differ greatly. Some businesses just require a photo to be added for a new employee. This is typically an easier job, and therefore I would only charge $17. However, if you wanted to completely remodel more than 10 pages on your website, the price could be upwards of $3,000.