The Brain Behind Darla Digital

Darla, a web developer by trade and a soon-to-be cybersecurity specialist by degree, thrives on the symphony of technology and creativity. In 2020, she founded Darla Digital, embarking on an exhilarating journey that has led her to work on numerous websites and HubSpot accounts.

Expertise and Journey

With her keen eye for detail and expertise in CMS platforms like WebFlow, HubSpot, Wordpress, Wix, and Squarespace, Darla transforms websites into immersive digital experiences. Her proficiency in front-end development languages, honed through college education and personal pursuits, allows her to achieve the pinnacle of customization on every project she undertakes.

As Darla delved deeper into the world of HubSpot, her passion for optimization and automation flourished. Beginning with seamless data integration and creating captivating landing pages and email templates, she soon became a maestro, conducting all the Hubs within the HubSpot platform with finesse.

Beyond the Digital Realm

Beyond her digital endeavors, Darla finds bliss in Virginia, sharing life with her husband River and her father-in-law Kevin on their charming estate, where many a farm animals join their everyday adventures. When she's not creating magic at Darla Digital, she teaches video game development to kids, is pursuing her own education at Drexel University, and excelling as an account manager at a B2B marketing firm.

During her free time, Darla enjoys expressing her passions in simple ways. She loves singing and playing music with her guitar and piano. Gaming is something that truly captivates her, and she also enjoys creating beautiful embroidery art. In addition, she likes experimenting with cooking and makeup, which adds even more color to her lively personality.

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